Our Range of Services


Structuring and Legal Obligations

  • Incorporation of unregulated and regulated structures
  • Liaising with legal and tax experts
  • Liaising with the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF)

Registered Office

  • Providing companies with a registered seat
  • Organising board meetings and annual general meetings and writing the minutes
  • Monitoring legal and regulatory reporting obligations
  • Keeping of the Issuing Document and other documents related to the Alternative Investment Funds (“AIF”)

Transfer Agent

  • Maintenance of Shareholders / Unitholders register
  • Collecting and checking of complete KYC documentation
  • Reception and transmission of orders
  • Executing sales and redemptions of fund shares and units
  • Managing the issue, transfer, allotment, conversion, redemption and/or purchase of shares of the AIF

Central Administrative Agent

  • Net Asset Value calculation
  • Performance calculation
  • Drawing-up risk management reports
  • Analysis and FATCA-CRS reporting
  • Compliance reporting

Accounting Agent

  • Annual financial statements / fund accounting
  • Preparing and drafting consolidated accounts
  • Reporting under LuxGAAP
  • Liaising with the auditors

Tax Services

  • Preparing tax returns and appendices related to direct tax and VAT
  • Liaising with tax authorities
  • Liaising with tax advisors


Domiciliation and management

  • Hosting your registered office
  • Acting as your company directors or managers
  • Daily presence
  • Follow-up of correspondence

Incorporation of your Luxembourg entity

  • Selection of the appropriate type of entity
  • Drafting of the articles of Association
  • Representing of the founder shareholders at incorporation, if necessary
  • Liaison with regulators for licenses and approvals
  • Arrangement of banking facilities
  • Co-ordination with the notary

Secretarial services and corporate administration

  • Up-dating company’s files
  • Assistance with corporate restructuring and other statutory changes
  • Organisation of shareholder and director meetings
  • Preparation and filing of legally required publications
  • Administrative tasks such as maintenance of corporate registers, books, bank accounts and company correspondence
  • Managing payments for the company.

Organisation of your business platform

  • Renting of fully supported office facilities
  • Introduction of employees and related

Accounting and reporting

  • Maintenance of accounting records
  • Preparation of interim accounts and relevant reports, if necessary
  • Preparation of financial statements in accordance with Luxembourg GAAP 

Tax administration and documentation

  • VAT registration
  • Preparation of tax /VAT returns and co-ordination, filing with tax/ VAT authorities
  • Providing guidance in conjunction with your tax advisers on matters such as corporate income tax; municipal business tax; net worth tax and VAT.

In short, INDUNA takes care of all the stages in a company’s business life: formulation of the company’s purpose, incorporation of the company, contacts with local authorities and banks together with the carrying-out of all legal requirements in relation to the administration of the company (book-keeping, annual reports, arranging of board meetings and keeping the minutes thereof, accomplishment of legal formalities).

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